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Ray's auto specializes in automotive body repair, collision repair, and other services like repainting your vehicle after you've suffered a car accident. Our services derive from a deep desire to ensure that you're safe after a collision. We're conveniently located at 1704 Baldwin St in Waterbury CT. Our office is filled with technicians that are readily available in case you have to need us for service. Ray's Automotive has been in the auto repair business for over 25 years. Servicing hundreds of vehicles that need work done. We understand that our credibility comes from providing an unmatchable service to our customers.

We offer a variety of services for our clients like auto body repair, fenders, frames, doors, hoods, and in addition to repairing we offer our clients repainting for their vehicles after we have torn it down and put it back together. It is because of our transparency with our clients that we've successfully been in business for over 25 years.

We take some serious pride in the work that we do and we encourage you to get started by contacting us today.


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Waterbury, CT Auto Accident Repair Services

As a professional accident repair shop in Waterbury CT, we offer a range of services when you get into a sticky situation. Starting off we offer a comprehensive estimating service after you've been in a collision.

Our auto collision experts generally don't hesitate to start working on your vehicle so there is no delay in getting started. We like to repair auto collisions as quick as possible as we have a very strict customer service policy to protect you.

At Ray's Automotive, Inc - we offer these services to anyone who may have had a collision in Waterbury CT.



Ray's Automotive, Inc also takes the necessary steps to tow your vehicle in Waterbury CT in case of the event that your vehicle has flipped. If this is the case, you should not worry. As a professional towing company in Waterbury CT, it is very easy for us to take care of this issue as we have the manpower needed to take care of this mishappen. We will easily tow your vehicle if it has been flipped in the Waterbury area. But we also provide towing for towns and cities nearby, such as Prospect, Naugatuck, Watertown, Oakville, and any other nearby areas that need professional towing services. You generally need these towing services if your vehicle has been flipped - or as many other professionals call it, Vehicle Rollovers.


Head On Collisions

While these kind of collisions are often fatal, it is common that people going a slower speed will survive the crash. If that is the case, we make sure we take every necessary step to repair the collision of your vehicle. We would once again start by towing your vehicle in Waterbury CT to our professional towing center. Where we can then break down your collision in its entirety. The auto collision is not something to overlook in the Waterbury area. We take head-on collisions very seriously and we generally take every step to make sure that you, as a customer, are properly taken care of.

Rear End Collision

Rear End Collisions

Bumped into on the highway in Waterbury Connecticut? This generally is the most common accident type and we don't take it lightly. We genuinely don't want you as the victim to do any work. Our process is simple, we send out a tow truck to get you and your vehicle safely to our auto collision center so we can start performing whats necessary onto your vehicle - See more about rear-end collision services here.

T-Bone Car Crash

Side Impact Collision

A T-Bone is simply the occurrence of when you're the side of your vehicle has been impacted by another vehicle front end or rear end. This is extremely dangerous because the side could be where you or your passenger are sitting. As a professional auto collision repair shop in Waterbury CT, we take this repair with a grain of salt and get it done fast and efficiently.

What Our Customers Say About Our Auto Body Repair Services