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At Ray’s Automotive, you can expect a complete start to finish repair which would include all the below and a tow service, if needed. Ray’s may already be considered a direct repair shop for your insurance company; if not, no worries because we will work with any insurance company. Ray’s will also schedule a car rental or supply a ride to a local destination. Let us walk you through what happens after an accident and what to expect.

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Start By Calling Us

We have appointments throughout the day but we will always take a walk in or towed vehicle.

The best place to start when you need any of our services whether it is body damage, a fender bender, or anything else start by contacting us. We always make sure that your call is treated with utmost respect. Ray's Automotive will lay out the process for getting you the best service.

Vehicle Tear Down

Once we receive your call, we will schedule your vehicle for a teardown. While the damage may look cosmetic and simple, but sometimes it is necessary to take the damaged area apart and see the hidden damages.

The last thing that we would want for you is for your vehicle to have some different additional damage. Usually, the damage you cannot see is the worst type of damage to your car.

So we start the vehicle teardown, in this step we take apart the whole vehicle because we will most likely need to fix your cars fenders, panels, or any other body parts that may have been damaged during your collision. The vehicle teardown also allows us to see every item on your vehicle that has been damaged.

If you or someone you know needs auto body repair services in Waterbury CT, start by contacting Ray's Automotive today to schedule your free no obligation estimate. In this estimate we will provide you with all of the costs associated with your body work and provide you with the insurance companies that we can help you work with to offset costs

automotive tear down waterbury connecticut
Our techs taking apart a vehicle to diagnose the problem
frame work ray's automotive
An image of one of our techs doing framework

Frame Work

The impact of your vehicle may cause frame damage. The frame of the vehicle may need to have an alignment done but this is what is recommended for your vehicle.

Because of the positioning of your frame, when impact occurs it will throw off the alignment of your wheels. This alignment is not safe to drive with due to the fact of sharper turns or elongated drives.

Get started today by contacting Ray's Automotive if you have experienced Frame Damage to your vehicle. We will ensure to provide you with the customer services that you need. At a competitive rate, Ray's gets it done better and faster than the other guys

Body Work For Your Vehicle

After an accident, you may need to get some of your vehicles body parts replaced. While it is popular that your frame needs to be replaced, there are also other body panels on your vehicle that may need to get replaced. Bodywork is where the body panes of the vehicle are repaired or replaced such as doors, bumpers/fenders, hoods, and other parts.

After most accidents, we carefully look at each part of your vehicle's body so we can make sure that your vehicle is put up to speed on a full restoration. At Ray's Automotive, we like our customers to leave our business with peace of mind.

Get started by contacting Ray's Automotive today to get your body work done.

aut body work waterbury connecticut
Ray's Automotives techs working on the body of a car
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Preparation Work

Ray's Automotive also performs preparation work for any vehicle that has had body work completed. The vehicle then gets prepped for the painting process that allows us to give your vehicle that nice protective coat it needs.

Preparation could also include sanding, washing, taping, and priming. We go the extra necessary steps to make sure you have peace of mind after your vehicle's collision.

Start by contacting Ray's Automotive today to get an instant estimate on what your project would cost. We provide you with a no commitment pricing structure so you don't have to break the bank with your automotive repair. As a Waterbury auto body repair shop, we can provide you with pricing that is fair for you and your budget. If you've had an accident, contact us

Paint Work

Once the vehicle has been prepared, Ray's Automotive can now take the necessary steps to paint the vehicle to bring it right back to life.

This is one of the most important steps we take to an automotive shop because we see that it completed the project aesthetically so we can move on to the next steps for your vehicle like putting it back together.

Ray's Automotive uses only the highest quality paint for your vehicle. We do this because we understand that your vehicle should have quality paint set up with it in case of other accidents

If you or someone needs auto body services in Waterbury, CT - start by contacting Ray's Automotive Inc. We will start by providing you with a free no obligation estimate for your project. Bringing your vehicle back to life is why we're in business

Vehicle Painting